Silver Xu
A full stack .Net Developer seeking Contract Opportunities

My Skillsets

What makes me different

My solid background in ASP.Net MVC Framework since its version 1.0, and some of the best experience and practices in MVC pattern has helped me to deliver dozens of projects in ASP.Net MVC including a few of them worth over a million.

SQL Server

I have built my fascinating skills in Database Design, Development and Architecture, through major development participation and contributions to a few of multi-million-dollar projects in loyalty and utility sectors.

Angular JS & HTML 5

I have successfully led my project team to deliver two Android Apps using Angular JS and Cordova. Single Page Application Development with Angular JS has not only improved project development scalability and enriched UI & UX, but also significantly reduced server load from rendering the Webpages concurrently.

jQuery & Other Libraries

My competent experience in jQuery, Underscore.js, Require.js and CSS2/CSS3 allows me to bring rich frontend UI / UX to my clients and their end customers across different types of Internet Browsers.

Who am I?

Someone Delivers, On Time
nine years of excellence in solution architecture and development

I started my journey as a Computer Science graduate from the University of Auckland with top-notch grades.Since year 2006 I was employed by various software development firm including four years in Datacom Systems, developing .Net applications. A sudden but short Business Venture has triggered my return to Shanghai by the end of 2014.

For those know me well I am somebody with initiatives in software architecture and best practices, with all necessary technologies in Microsoft Web Stack mastered.

Currently I am seeking Contract Opportunities throughout New Zealand region as of September, Year 2015. Please drop me an email to to request my resume if my profile is of interest to you.

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